Using Animal Communication 
in the Death & Dying Process

With the passing of years, I cannot help but recall the losses of the past, of the dear companion animals of clients and friends, as well as those within my own family. As part of my service, I am called upon to communicate with animals who are dying, as well as those who have passed on, not only recently, but in years gone by. As sad as this may be, it is gratifying to me personally, to be able to help people through the process of losing their beloved animal, and mourning their death through communication. In this way, I am able to convey the thoughts, feelings and wishes of the animals to their people.

 As caregivers for our animals, we are in a unique position, of not only providing  them with safe and happy homes, but also of giving them the final gift and blessing of relieving them from pain and suffering, when the time comes. Through inquiry via telepathic communication, we can better know what steps may be taken to make their illness and final days as comfortable as possible.  In doing so we have the opportunity to actually comply with their own desires as they have expressed them in a communication. 

Many people struggle with the question of whether to euthanize or to allow their animals to die without intervention. When you feel the time is nearing you might consider using an Animal Communicator to ask your animal some of the following questions:  Are they actually ready to leave their physical body, or rather, if they could get some help to feel better, would they want to stay? Do they think they need help to pass over, or can they do it on their own?  And if they are ready to leave, how do they want that to happen? Do they mind being taken to the vet for care or euthanasia, or would they prefer spending their last days in the comfort of their own home with their people tending to them? Who do they want around them at the end? What would they like to have done with their body-- cremation or burial?  Where would they like to be buried? It has been my experience that these are all questions that can be answered in partnership through communication with our animal friends. We can give them the chance of having choices of their own made known, when their life on earth is winding down. 

Beyond their death is the opportunity to keep in touch with our animals through telepathic communication, for although the body is no longer available, the Spirit is always there. I have found it very humbling to be able to pass on the wisdom of an animal in Spirit to their person. And because animals accept death as simply a transition to another beginning, their discourse from Spirit is typically of great consolation to their people. They have no regrets, see no cause for guilt or blame, and do not judge the timing or cause of their death. Communicating with an animal in Spirit form can be particularly important for those who lost their animal suddenly with no chance to say good-bye. Having an opportunity to express important and tender feelings helps provide a sense of completion.

The death of a companion animal can surely be a devastating loss. They give so much and ask for so little. Through Animal Communication we can learn even more about these wonderful creatures who so willingly share their lives with us, and who leave us all too soon. 


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