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Q & A
Judy, let me ask you this. Is it possible to negotiate with Jack if we can work out a solution where he could deal with Tom?  Perhaps he can suggest a way that Tom could visit without being scary to Jack.  Have you ever done that sort of thing?  
Joanie Robertson,  Louisville, KY

Joanie, we can try to negotiate or compromise with Jack regarding his aggression toward Tom. It is very common to try to find a solution with the animals by a compromise that suits everyone. Sometimes the animal will agree to it. For example, I have a client whose cat is a major hunter, and he brings the dead critters into the house to show her. Several months ago she asked  me if I would discuss this with him, as it is very offensive to her to have them in the house. I explained it to him, and asked him if he could start leaving his prey on the front porch for her to see. So far, she told me over the weekend, he has only brought them in the house twice since I first talked with him about it, and the rest he leaves on the porch. Some animals are very willing to please their guardians, once they know there is some problem with their behavior. Of course, we are dealing with a lot of issues with Jack, but perhaps he has evolved enough now, to consider a plan. 



Dear Judy,
 I just wanted to thank you for all your help.  Your communications with Keeper have helped both of us to help her become a more complete and balanced dog.  The flower essences you made for her helped make a tremendous difference in her outlook on life.   I know in the months to come, her communicating with you will help further her development and happiness.  We were both lost before we found you.  
Your talks with Moss have not only helped me understand him better, but his insights into Keeper were a huge bonus.  I don't know how I can ever thank you, but know that we appreciate all you have done for the kids and me.  I know that with your help, my guys will progress, and you will help me understand them better.  I am forever grateful.
Casey Stevenson 
Shelbyville, KY

SPIRIT swimming
Judy Guetig and I have worked on a variety of my veterinary cases together. Judy’s feedback from the animals helps me to make better decisions on choice of herbs, supplements, and acupuncture point combinations.  Judy captures the voice, mood, and sometimes the sense of humor of the animals with whom she communicates. She claims that I give her the most difficult cases and it’s true. Judy is sensitive and compassionate and she understands the complex human-animal bond. Her after-death animal readings have brought a sense of peace and closure to many animal owners. The value of an animal communication session with Judy Guetig is immeasurable.

Dr. Elizabeth Boswell, Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist
Louisville, KY
Thank you so--so--so much for helping me find my kitty, Sonoma.  After our conversation on Friday, I imagined a pink string connected to her heart and mine, and sent her all my love, reassurance, and courage to find her way home.  Saturday morning I woke up determined to find her and I did!  It took only 20 minutes with the help of two neighbors that I just so happened to meet. Like you thought, she was not too far away, trapped inside a neighbor’s house which was under construction.

So a happy ending…With your help, I was able to shift my consciousness to where it needed to be—to a place of intuition and empowerment rather than focused on worry and sadness and lack of hope.

So thank you!!
All the Best,
Cynthia Kurosu & "Sonoma"
Glen Ellen, CA

Judy analyzed our race horse and was able to identify some medical issues that had adversely affected his racing and his well-being. She was also very influential in her communication with him.   It helped correct his attitude and clear up his confusion. These communications also allowed us to better understand our horse and his actions! He has improved his racing career and is very happy thanks to Judy!  We would definitely recommend Judy!

Pat Beauvais
Des Plaines, IL
I have worked with Judy Guetig as Animal Communicator since 2005 concerning my two dogs and two cats. In every case she has delved deep into her communications with my pets in order to reassure me of their well being or issues they may have, and also to share with me their concerns. This goes for the pets that are still living and those who have passed on. to me it is an important connection to my pets that she is able to provide , and something I could not do on my own. 

 I recall one incident of neighbors who complained about my "noisy" dogs. When Judy questioned the dogs, they said they were simply responing to the loud noise these people always made, and also that they did not appreciate being ignored. They were "speaking up". I am always amazed at the insights that my pets have. New things always come up.

I can highly recommend Judy Guetig as an excellent Animal Communicator. I can also attest that she is honest and very businesslike in all her dealings, and glad that she is able to share her gifts with pet owners like me.

Marianne Petersen, New Albany, IN

Dear Judy,

Thru strange and wonderful circumstances our paths crossed and Molly's life has changed so much for the better in the last 2 years. Her arthritis had progressed (13 years old when I started her on the Sea Jerky) to a point where I was considering either putting her down due to massive pain or drugs that I felt would probably kill her quicker. The Sea Jerky brought her back to the wonderful jumping crazy BC she is and now with the new "Gemmotherapy" she is doing even better. Her pain is greatly reduced due to her jumping on the bed in the morning which wasn't possible until both of the therapies you advised have given her back her life. 

Then I also found out that you are a animal communicator and helped both Molly and Sadie settle down after I went thru losing my Dad and had to fly away. Both dogs were confused and upset as they had no idea what was happening. It took 20 minutes of you talking to them both and one went to sleep soundly and the other crawled up next to me and just stretched out totally relaxed. Thank you forever from all three of us.

Christie Cutright, Silt, Co 

MOLLY                SADIE
​little "Ewok"
Judy has greatly helped with a number of lameness cases in horses who have been clients of my horseshoeing practice here in Sonoma County, California.

From time to time, a horse with some mild, chronic, intermittent lameness will escape the accurate diagnosis of even an experienced veterinarian. Due to the nature of our focus and interactive relationship with horses, a sensitivity or "sixth sense" often develops in the farrier that helps in assessing problems in equine locomotion. Sometimes there is a disparity between the medical evaluation and the insight of the farrier. At this junction, Judy has been an invaluable member of the team, in terms of literally reporting from the horse's mouth, what part is actually painful or bothering the animal. With that specific information, a more effective approach can be devised in order to mitigate the horse's dis-ease.

Judy has also helped both equine and human clients in the areas of training, behavior, and general health. Her work in end-of-life situations, for horses and pets, has been most comforting for two and four leggeds alike.

The main quality beyond, and perhaps above a person's ability to perform a given skill or task, is ethics. Ethics underlies how that skill or task will be performed-- both mechanically and morally. It encompasses intent, devotion to excellence, professionalism, forthrightness, compassion, to name a few. In all of life's travels, one would be hard pressed to find a person who is greater possessed of these attributes than Judy Guetig. In a profession that, by it's nature demands such a high level of clarity and honesty, Judy demonstrates through her work with animals of all shapes and sizes, these highest traits of human kind.

   Stuart Greenberg, Certified Farrier, American Farriers Association
  Farrier Science Instructor, Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa Ca.